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PAE: The Southern California Offshore Range (SCORE)

Navy Live, Virtual and Constructive Training
PAE’s comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance program keeps range systems in a total state of readiness.

The Southern California Offshore Range (SCORE) is the U.S. Navy’s premier multi-warfare training range. PAE supports the SCORE mission to improve the combat readiness of Pacific Fleet air, surface, and submarine units in all warfare areas by providing instrumented operating areas and associated facilities to support training and readiness exercises.

The Range Operations Center is located in San Diego, California, at the Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, Naval Air Station, North Island. The range covers 100,000 square miles off the coast of San Diego, centering on San Clemente Island (Adversary Island). PAE has the range of skills needed to match the scope of range operations – providing comprehensive support to SCORE while integrating high-technology applications and operations support.

Services to Count On
Among the many other support services, PAE operates, maintains and provides engineering for SCORE, installs range participant tracking pods, operates and maintains the range equipment on San Clemente Island and at North Island, and designs, develops and implements workstation-based applications for command, control, evaluation and replay of training exercises.

PAE also develops exercise scenarios, conducts, analyzes and debriefs each exercise,
and provides logistical, financial, management, administrative, environmental and material support services.

Mission Focus
To ensure range system availability, PAE’s comprehensive operational maintenance includes:
● Developing a comprehensive training scenario and schedule of events identifying data    collection requirements, participants, resources required, real-time and post-exercise
   data requirements and range support needed
● Briefing exercise participants and support agencies on the sequence of events, restrictions on operations, unit responsibilities, target    characteristics, safety procedures, and communications circuits, procedures and call signs
● Collecting real-time data and prepares timely data products and debriefing materials to present to the crews during scheduled    debriefings, and conducting post-exercise debriefs.

Integration of Technology
The number of training events and participants, the extensive range instrumentation, and communications requirements represent an enormous number of interconnected tasks. To ensure accuracy and efficiency, PAE incorporated automated technology in virtually all processes associated with managing the range and developing and conducting exercises.

Southern California Range Asset Management System (SCRAMS)— Designed, developed, implemented and maintained by PAE, SCRAMS is an Oracle-based relational database, consisting of operational, administrative and equipment databases covering all areas of range activity, from training scenario development to range scheduling and post exercise data collection, to purchasing, cost tracking and control and maintenance scheduling. SCRAMS support is invaluable to the exercise team’s development of comprehensive training scenarios and schedules of events; identification of data collection requirements, participants and resources required; retrieval of real-time and post-exercise data; and determination of range support needed.

SCORE WAN — Designed, implemented and maintained by PAE, SCORE WAN has achieved its design criteria of 24x7x365 operation supporting data, voice and video. PAE makes frequent modifications to the systems as new range requirements are identified.

Web-Enabled Information Exchange — Range schedules, briefs and debriefs at range user and support agency locations are accessed using the Web, cost effectively providing immediate, accurate information. Future range activities are posted for access by the local community (e.g., commercial fishing, diving, etc.)

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