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Honeywell: Kodiak Launch Complex

Assuring Access to Space
The Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC), developed and operated by the Alaska Aerospace Corporation, required a complete range safety solution which was deployable for space launches, rapidly reconfigurable between missions, and accepted for commercial and military space launch.

Honeywell’s solution, the Range Safety and Telemetry System, assures access to space by providing a complete range safety and telemetry function that meets U.S. Air Force Space Command criteria for accuracy, latency and redundancy.

Delivering Results
The complete system is staffed by 12 range mission operators, which has delivered 80 percent savings compared with the prior system. It can be relocated, assembled or stowed by two persons in eight hours and become fully operational in 24 hours. In addition, it can be reconfigured and verified in twohours for a different launch vehicle and trajectory.

The system provides standalone range safety and telemetry capabilities in less time and at lower cost than developing a permanent fixed infrastructure and enables a quick call-up and reconfigurable range safety function for an operationally responsive launch from the KLC.

Honeywell’s Range Safety and Telemetry System assures access to space by providing the option and flexibility to safely launch from permanent ranges should the need arise and by augmenting the range safety function to enable a wider range of trajectories.

Eastern Range, FL
Southern California Offshore Range, CA
Patuxent "Pax" River, MD
Atlantic Undersea Test Eval Center, FL

Kodiak Launch Complex, AK
Ballistic Missile Range Safety Technology, FL
Air Force Satellite Control Network, Multiple Loc.


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