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Honeywell: Air Force Satellite Control Network

The Air Force’s Satellite Control Network (SCN), which includes 11 sites worldwide, is a common user network that enables tracking, telemetry and command of a variety of Department of Defense (DoD) and non-DoD satellites. Without this satellite network support, defense constellations would eventually deteriorate, greatly impacting warfighting capabilities.

End-to-End Service
As the prime contractor on the SCN contract, Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. provides sustainment, depot repair, maintenance and logistics support.

As part of the logistics efforts, Honeywell processes between 87,000 and 215,000 inventory transactions (receipts, issues, and transfers) annually and is responsible for more than 19,000 National Stock Numbers (NSNs) valued at more than $3.5 billion.

As part of the sustainment efforts, Honeywell has more than 50 ongoing software and hardware upgrade projects for the legacy system, known as the Automated Remote Tracking Station (ARTS), at any one time. Honeywell is also responsible for the replacement of the core electronics (hardware/software) and high-power amplifiers of the radar.

Maintenance and depot repair efforts include both hardware and software projects. Depot repair is typically performed at the central location in Colorado Springs and facilities for repairable hardware items (Line Replaceable Units or LRUs) include:
● a warehouse for storing LRUs
● a working area with associated equipment for repair and testing of LRUs
● an area for bench stock to store and replenish piece-parts to repair LRUs and to track parts use shipping/receiving capabilities.

Honeywell’s skilled workforce also provides computer interfaces to record repair activities.

Off-site depot level maintenance for stock-listed items involves working with the item manager to continually prioritize which items are the most critical to repair. Honeywell’s close relationship with the item managers enables quick repairs of the proper items and keeps the item managers abreast of where an item is in the repair process.  Having the item manager’s Agile Combat Support spares co-located at the facility enables quick and direct shipping to the site as well as direct shipping from the site to Honeywell when an item fails on site. This reduces transportation time and cost.

Protecting and Securing the Air Force
Honeywell’s comprehensive information assurance plan addresses the lowest level devices in the design. As each new Remote Tracking Station (RTS) Block Change (RBC) platform is developed, information assurance testing is integrated into the delivery. By using thorough document validation of information assurance controls, along with the current System Security Authorization Agreement documentation package, Honeywell is able to reduce subsequent costs and timelines for future RBC platforms.

Honeywell continues to harden the information assurance posture of the system by using the test capabilities of its internal Integration and Test Support Facility.

Recognition and Cost Savings
Honeywell has received numerous government awards and has saved the DoD millions of dollars through its participation in the Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) . This fully established program has enabled the Air Force to identify problems with parts, components and materials that are used in the legacy system or that are being considered for use.

The GIDEP process also enables the Air Force to share data on problems that could be of interest to other GIDEP participants that cross other weapon systems. This has contributed to Honeywell being among the Top 10 reporters of prevented government expenditures.

Delivering Results
In 2005, a Six Sigma Green Belt process improvement team was formed to streamline processes and improve quality consistency for non-CDRL supporting documents. Six Sigma and CMMI processes optimize and validate solutions during the design phase to reduce costs and enable continual improvement throughout the program from top to bottom.

During the 18 years of the Depot Support Contract II and AFSCN contracts, Honeywell has steadily improved the on-time delivery rate. Honeywell’s robust, repeatable, established process for quality document development has accomplished a 99.9 percent on-time delivery rate during the past six years.

Eastern Range, FL
Southern California Offshore Range, CA
Patuxent "Pax" River, MD
Atlantic Undersea Test Eval Center, FL

Kodiak Launch Complex, AK
Ballistic Missile Range Safety Technology, FL
Air Force Satellite Control Network, Multiple Loc.


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